Womanist Scholars Program



The Womanist Scholars Program (WSP) provides an affirming, creative, intellectual opportunity for Black Women womanist scholars to engage in scholarship that will impact the academy, the church and the community. 


The WSP seeks to foster increased understanding of the central role that women, spirituality and religion play in issues of relevant social, political and economic change, connecting serious scholarly inquiry with the transformation of the Black community and the larger society. Through intentional acts of teaching, publications and intellectual engagement, the WSP advances the availability of academic works by Black women that inform and shape understandings, perceptions, ideas and actions in the 21st century and beyond.


The WSP is a transformational experience for the scholar, whose reach then positively transforms the academic, religious and wider communities.


Womanist Scholars:


  • Are senior or junior scholars engaged in research, teaching and writing on topics that explore the     historical   and contemporary significance of black women’s involvement, impact and influence in church and society;


  • Explore the intersection of race, gender, class, and other factors affecting black women’s lives in local,         national and international communities and contexts;


  • Acknowledge and place black women and their perspectives at the center of theoretical and hermeneutical contexts when examining religious, theological, political, historical or social texts and issues;


  • Bridge the constructed chasms between and locate black women at the intersection of theory and praxis,   research, teaching and publications that are relevant and useful in advancing understanding and positive   change;


  • Are committed to social justice and action; for the betterment of society and the world.


  • Promote change for fostering positive social change.